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We know you are eager to start the practical training classes, but you must firstsign up at the headquarters of our company, through online booking, or at the phone numbers available bellow.
Read through the steps you must follow to pass your driving exam with flying colours.

  • Steps to follow

    • Registration at the driving school (the school has 1 year’s validity) – advance money 150 RON + copy of the Identity Card
    • The courses last for minimum 30 days in which 30 driving hours are conducted, grouped into 15 lessons of 2 course hours each (1 course hour lasts for 45 minutes)
    • To start the driving classes, it is necessary to pass a theoretic test within the school, and to have a psychological evaluation issued by an authorized medical practice
    • The first driving lesson shall be fixed so as to best suit your programme and the most convenient place for you to meet the driving trainer. At the end of one lesson, you will settle the date, time and meeting place for the next lesson
    • The price difference shall be paid by instalments mutually agreed on, so that, upon the completion of the driving lessons, the whole training course may be paid off
    • The documents to be included in the dossier shall be brought to the school, or handed over to the trainer
    • At the end of the training course, each student shall get a score of minimum 22 points at the theory test, to get the dossier in order to submit it to the Police with a view to the final examination.
  • The examination dossier

    • After completing the school courses, in order to register for the exam, you will need an examination dossier which has to include:
    • The training record issued by the school secretariate
    • Criminal record (valid for 6 months)
    • The Identity Card in copy
    • The receipts for payment of the fees related to getting the driving licence (89 RON) as issued by the Romanian Post Offices, or by the Tax Authority you are assigned to

      The fee can be paid online at

    • The psychological evaluation (valid for 1 year) will be obtained from authorized police laboratories
    • The medical certificate (valid for 1 year) will be obtained from authorized police clinics , and the receipt for payment shall be necessarily attached.

      The final conclusion issued by the clinic (able – unable) shall be written on the training record

    • One driving licence- type photo
    • Application for registering for the exam (to be obtained from the driving school)

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